George’s MN Triton

G’day first off I just wanna say great site!

It’s good to be able to have a page like this where like minded people can actually appreciate there passion even more and also drool over the various types of 4wds you feature on this page…

I just bought a new 2012 (MY13 model) MN triton GLX in complete standard form, prior to delivery I had it sent off to my mates @ TJM and they threw a mixed bag of goodies on it for me in preparation for my trip up to Fraser Island this year.

My Vehicle features a TJM Front bar, TJM 9500lb winch, TJM under body guard, TJM sump guard, TJM Transmission guard, TJM snorkel, TJM outback style side bars, TJM rear bar with tow pack, Aeroklas tub liner & torneu cover, GME TX 3500 UHF with a RFI 5.5 db antenna, 914mm LED Light Bar (20,000 lumens) 31 inch Maxxis Big Horns on 15×8 Matt Black sunraysia rims & a TJM High Lift jack.

My suspension is currently at its first stage of its suspension lift. Fitted by TJM It consists of a Monster rides kit by Rekon and features a 2-4 ” fully adjustable coil over shock with heavy duty Dobson coils on the front and matching rekon shocks on the rear with a 2″ SAXX Dynamic Three Stage adjustable Heavy Duty Leaf spring Kit with Superior Engineering 2″ extended shackles and 3″ extended braided brake lines…

The suspension is wound down to its lowest setting which gives the triton a 75mm higher lift than standard on the front, and the rear set up has given me an impressive 100mm worth of height over its standard form. All this is to be taking into consideration that we also fitted this kit without compromising the cv’s and keeping the travel of the suspension we within the bump stops in both directions.

Anyway I hope I get to see her (Reggie) feature on your site as she is only under 2 weeks old and I’ve already done all this too her…

(George Kyro)

10 thoughts on “George’s MN Triton

  1. Matt

    George, your truck looks great, I’ve just taken delivery of mine and am researching wheel/tyre combos .
    Any reason you went 15×8 wheels over 16x 8?
    Having 8 inch wheels do they rub any where? I’m tossing up wether to go 16×8 or 16×7.

  2. Stirling

    Awesome looking triton, love the stance with the wheels/tyres ! Keen to know what offset the rims are n if you have any issues with vibration or anything? Every tyre place I go to keep telling me I cant get the deep dish look like you have…

  3. Pramod

    Hi mate, your rig looks awesome. I am slowly building my Triton as well. I have 4 Fallen 31 x 10.5 x R15. I am badly looking for rims to fit them. Please could share a bit more info on the rims like offset and how you got about fitting it. Any info will be helpful mate.

  4. Bianka

    It might fit you would have to mount one to a wheel and test fit it first but why on earth would you want to degrade the penrormafce of your car like this? There is simply no logic whatsoever in your tire size selection. The 225/55R16 size offers a much greater selection of winter tires, there is no concern about it fitting your car, penrormafce in snow with the narrower tire will be better, and it won’t throw off your odometer or speedometer readings like the bigger tire will. There are simply no advantages to using 235/60R16.

  5. greg

    Hey mate just wondering if your had any problems with the upper control arm bump stops after lifting? Was the much space?

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