Aussie 4WD Rescue formed around a Facebook group of 4WD’ers banding together to assist each other out on the tracks. The group was started in March 2013 but has quickly grown to over 9,000 members and 700 crew members from all over Australia.

Aussie 4WD Rescue Crew Locations

Location map can be found here.

The success of the group is mainly due to these reasons.

  • Usually when a 4WD’er gets stuck, normal roadside assistance is useless as they are unable to get to the location.
  • 4WD’ers love a challenge and a reason to test out their vehicles capabilities and their skills.
  • Good old Aussie spirit.

Be courteous, unlike normal Facebook discussion groups, the rescue group is reserved for emergency use only. This means that new posts are limited only to calls for assistance. All updates and pictures must be added in the comments, not a new post. Also please don’t comment to explain the reason you’re unable to attend, it just causes clutter.

You can join Aussie 4WD Rescue at, if you’re considering volunteering for the rescue crew, please message the group admin (Paul). Group members are also encouraged to keep an eye on the group and advise the admin of anything that needs attention.

How to get help

  1. You need to be a member of the Aussie 4WD Rescue Facebook group to post or comment.
  2. Post to the group stating location, state, contact number and any other relevant details (If possible, share your location from Glympse for Android and iPhone. Instructions here.).
  3. If you have a UHF radio, monitor channel 10
  4. If the call requires a 4WD to assist, rescue crew members will let their state crew know that a new call has been posted and update the comments to reflect this, all other calls can be handled in the main group.
  5. Please update the post to advise group of current situation, especially once recovery is complete. All updates and pictures must be in the comments, not a new post.

Aussie 4WD Rescue Etiquette

Before volunteering for the Rescue Crew

* you believe in the Aussie spirit and that someone may do the same for you one day
* you believe in karma and what goes around, comes around
* you don’t expect to profit from lending a hand
* you could be putting yourself and your vehicle at risk
* you ensure you are not violating any laws including accessing private land
* you could be out of pocket for expenses like fuel and equipment
* you are satisfied with a little adventure and a big thank you from fellow 4WDers

Before posting a call for help

* you have no other options
* you believe in the Aussie spirit and offer to help with the rescue costs
* you stick together until everyone is out of trouble


* This won’t suit everyone, these are guidelines for Aussie 4WD Rescue
* There are going to be instances where both parties agree on terms or compensation – this is beyond the scope of this group
* New posts to the Aussie 4WD Rescue Facebook group are to be calls for help only – other posts will be deleted